Saturday Afternoon Squirrel Hunt

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Been slacking this season with a lot going on & haven't hunted. Took some kids hunting yesterday afternoon. They had a blast and killed a tailgate full. Took the old dogs out for their first hunt. I knew I could count on them to get the job done for these youngsters. Dogs are Molly (cur) turns 8 this spring, Bo is 12 and King is 10. They've all slowed down which is good for me. It has been a joy to train and follow these dogs the past 12 years. Bo spoiled all of us that hunted with him. This will most likely be his last season. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the remainder of the season to get these dogs some hunting in that they so love and deserve. Getting about time to start a pup for the kennel.



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Lots of smiles right there. The dog even has a smile!


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Tailgate full!

Looks like some dumplings are in order.