Sawtooth look a lot better this year

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I planted 50 sawtooth 9 or 10 years ago and they’ve had acorns since they were probably 5 years old with last year being the least , I asked on here and most said the pour crop last year was due to to much rain during pollination , checked a few today while I was watering some pear trees I planted a few months ago , and man are they loaded this year 4FF9D5FE-149F-4C84-AAB3-201654A5FD91.jpeg 196CC95F-CA73-4726-B985-E22178C81569.jpeg
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How tall/big are your 9-10yr old trees. How far apart were they planted. Thanks
Some of the best looking ones that had bottom limbs trimmed are probably pushing 18-20 ft , and big as my leg , I’ll get some pictures in a few days , this is a couple on left that wasn’t trimmed 9DDBF07E-E853-46A5-BCD0-2BCA60A70F8C.jpeg


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I’ve got some 5 and 8 year old sawtooth oaks. The 8 year old have acorns this year. It’s the first year they’ve had any. Tallest is maybe 16 feet, sandy soil.

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Still waiting on the ones planted in 2013 to produce acorns. I haven't checked them this year. Hopefully will be surprised when I do. Also got 3 Dunstan chestnuts that are in the ground for 5 years. They gotta be getting close to throwing off some chestnuts.
Got some 6-7 year sawtooth that seemed to be loaded. Planted 25-30 apart and close to 30’ tall.

Dunstan Chestnuts the same age have been producing for 3 years or so. They are 20’ tall.

Best year ever for my sawtooths.
The lack of acorns last year was explained to me by a elderly gentleman while standing in line at a Home Depot one day last year. He was a wealth of knowledge that day and I waited for him to check out behind me so that I could continue to pick his brain. He freely talked with me for a good half hour. He told me why some of my trees produce and others don't. I learned a lot that afternoon from that man and all he knew was from experience, not some book. I have approximately 138 trees on 300 acres that are 20 years old, and this year everyone that is in predominantly full sun light will produce a good crop. I keep the drip line around my trees free of all other growth year round and I fertilize every other year with a solo cup of 10-10-10. They seem to like this.