Sbe 3 or beretta a400


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I vote Beretta. Fit is the reason for me, which is why there's always so many different answers. You'll get quality with either one.
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Thanks Tucker. I have the M2 and have killed a pile of birds over the years. I was thinking the A400 because that benelli kicks like a mossberg with high brass/steel shot and that Beretta to me feels like shooting a 20 gauge. Just wanted some honest opinions.
I think they are both quality guns. I own models of Beretta and Benelli, and my SBE2 has become my go-to gun for almost all occasions. I know it's not the A400 vs SBE3 matchup you're asking about, but my Beretta 391 rarely comes out of the safe anymore now that I've got the Benelli.


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Buddies just got back from Argentina and dove shooting. The most reliable, never failed to eject guns between the Beretta gas and Benelli rotary bolt inertia system were the Benelli 20 gauges. The guns were furnished by the outfitter. Not sure what model the Beretta was. Gil


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That wasn't the question Sir.....
yeah it mention a 3 1/2in gun as opposed to a 3in gun....or did you mean the beretta xtreme or whatever it is called these days.

I've own both, more berettas over the years though. The new berettas aren't as good as the old 390/391 but they are still a fine shotgun. Buddy just had to send a brand new multitarget back to the factory. I've sent a nice sporting model back to the factory. Their customer service is great though. If you plan on shooting a ton, go with the gas beretta, if you want simplicity, go with the benelli. Both are top notch and you won't go wrong. My little quail/rabbit gun is an old M1 20ga, its a sweet heart. My main duck gun is a M1 20. Turkey is a beretta xtrema2...and for clays I break out the SP1 sporting. Can't for the life of me think of what you really need a 3 1/2 in gun for in Ga though. If you don't need a 3 1/2in gun...go with the M2. There is a site selling them for 699 right now without the comfortech stock.
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I already have the M2 12 and 20 gauge. Not once did I say I was going to shoot 3.5" shells. Pay attention to the post please Sir. I shoot my ducks with 3" and my turkeys with 3".....A good choke setup makes all the difference in the world.
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That is what I have been hearing about the SBE3. I like the A400 because if the recoil reduction. And no more upgrades than they have done on the 3 I have been fighting within myself whether or not the $1700 is worth it. I am going today to see how that A400 feels.
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I stopped by Chucks bait and tackle today and they said the reason it shoots high is because they made it for the hunters from Italy and that there is nothing you can do to fix it.
I stopped by Chucks bait and tackle today and they said the reason it shoots high is because they made it for the hunters from Italy and that there is nothing you can do to fix it.

That's CensoredCensored. How long have they been making guns? Who buys more of their guns, Italian's vs rest of the world? They screwed up on this one, sounds like they're blowing smoke.

Hard to beat the SV and SBE2 if you want an inertia gun.
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I thought the same thing brother. The guys behind the counter acted like they hadn't heard anything about them shooting high so they went and talk to someone else and he gave him the low down on it. He said he had sent multiple guns back because of it and that benelli keeps telling him the same thing about it supposed to be shooting 6" high. Like the feel of the gun with it having a slim forearm on it. Probably going to get it. May regret it because it may change the entire way I shoot. There is only one way to find out I guess.
The stocks on the Beretta and Benelli guns are adjustable with shims and a washer that the stock bolt goes through.

You can move the point of impact a lot with these guns, make it shoot flat, low, high, left or right. A lot more than six inches at shooting distances.

I've discovered over time that when I hear the words "the guy at the gun shop said" I'd best put on the hip waders.