Sbe 3 or beretta a400

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You are right Sir. Unless you have already done your research and start asking questions. Then they have to go back to the big man who actually deals with Benelli and then you get the truth. And from what a Benelli rep told another gun dealer just up the road that shimming it has absolutely nothing to do with this particular gun. He showed the dealer how to fix the problem without wasting time sending it to Benelli. My buddy is going to take his by there so we shall see.


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I stopped by Chucks bait and tackle today and they said the reason it shoots high is because they made it for the hunters from Italy and that there is nothing you can do to fix it.
I call CensoredCensored. The italian hunters started the camo gun/bottomland frenzy that benelli is catering to as well? Jajaja


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I’d wait on the new Beretta A400x. I shot the prototype/early version during snow goose season and it is probably the finest auto I’ve shot in terms of reliability and ergonomics. Also has a stepped rib which I prefer

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Only owned one Beretta, a Pintail. Had it for a year or so and it went full auto on me. Carried it to a gunsmith and he fixed it...until 3 months later it went full auto again. Beretta told me that their guns don’t do that and they wouldn’t t cover the cost of sending it back to the factory or repairs. I decided to tell my story on the www and Beretta contacted me and asked me to send it back. 4 weeks later I got a brand new Pintail and sold it two days after I received the gun.
I bought a SBEII while that one was at the manufacturer and haven’t looked back since. SBEII in 12ga and an Ultrlight and M2 in 20ga. I have shot the new Berettas and Brownings and all are fine guns. I know it’s stupid but I look at guns as a tool. I want the tool that can take the most abuse and keep working, inertia guns fit that bill. Yeah that highbrass shell may kick a little, but I know it will go boom when I pull that trigger...and not boom,boom,boom!! Sounds cool but will scare the daylights out of you in a pit!!!