SBRs in GA


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You do have to pick a caliber for your form 1 but you are allowed to switch uppers with various calibers without issue.

When you form 4 transfer an existing SBR, the manufacturer has all the required information on it already. When you form 1 an existing title 1 weapon, you become the "maker " of the NFA item and are required to add your info as maker and the city you made it in to the weapon.

From chapter 6 of the NFA guide, the Making of NFA firearms by a non-licensee:

The serial number must be engraved or stamped on the receiver of the firearm and the caliber, model,
and identification of the maker must be engraved on the barrel or frame or receiver of the weapon.96 The
marking and identification requirements for a maker are the same as for a manufacturer. Refer to
section 7.4 for a detailed discussion of the requirements.

7.4.2 Additional information. Certain additional information must also be conspicuously placed on
the frame, receiver, or barrel of the firearm by engraving, casting, stamping (impressing), that is, they
must be placed in such a manner that they are wholly unobstructed from plain view. For firearms
manufactured on or after January 30, 2002, this information must be to a minimum depth of .003 inch.
The additional information includes:
(1) The model, if such designation has been made;
(2) The caliber or gauge;
(3) The manufacturer’s name (or recognized abbreviation); and
(4) The city and State (or recognized abbreviation) where the manufacturer maintains its place
of business.122
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It is my understanding that the information that Seekins Stamped on the lower is sufficient to cover these requirements. The nice lady in ATL told me that I had to change the caliber on my paperwork to a specific caliber instead of the Multi I listed on it for the lower I registered.


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The last sentence:
I cannot stress enough that you must engrave your trust name, city, and state on any NFA weapon you make. It is the law.

I do not have a trust. I am going to get with a class III guy to make sure I am compliant. This information with the exception of caliber, it says multi, is already on the firearm and was used in the application.

It is also my understanding that if you made and registered a 30 Cal SBR and you are running around with a 5.56 SBR with that same serial # without notifying the ATF of the changes, you could also be in a serious fine situation. It is not the same as the AR you purchased as a 5.56 and you bought 6 different uppers to use on the same lower.

Thanks for bringing this up
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Your name (or the name of the trust it's registered to)
The city and state of manufacture (your home city and state)

If you register a DIY completed 80% lower, you will also have to add the caliber and a serial number.
I believe the engraving is an old rule and not required anymore


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got up with my guy...those requirements are for an 80% lower or one you made from a block of aluminum. The lower I used is a serialized firearm classed as other on a I'm GTG as I am.


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Your guy is wrong, per ATF ruling 2013-3.

Held, pursuant to 27 CFR 478.92(a)(4)(i) and 479.102(c), ATF authorizes licensed
manufacturers and licensed importers of firearms, and makers, to adopt the serial number,
caliber/gauge, and/or model already identified on a firearm without seeking a marking
variance, provided all of the following conditions are met:
1. The manufacturer, importer, or maker must legibly and conspicuously place on the
frame, receiver, barrel, or pistol slide (if applicable) his/her own name (or
recognized abbreviation) and location (city and State, or recognized abbreviation of
the State) as specified under his/her Federal firearms license (if a licensee);
2. The serial number adopted must have been marked in accordance with 27 CFR
478.92 and 479.102, including that it must not duplicate any serial number adopted
or placed by the manufacturer, importer, or maker on any other firearm;
3. The manufacturer, importer, or maker must not remove, obliterate, or alter the
importer’s or manufacturer’s serial number to be adopted, except that, within 15
days of the date of release from Customs custody, a licensed importer must add
letters, numbers, or a hyphen (as described in paragraph 4) to a foreign
manufacturer’s serial number if the importer receives two or more firearms with the
same serial number;
4. The serial number adopted must be comprised of only a combination of Roman
letters and Arabic numerals, or solely Arabic numerals, and can include a hyphen,
that were conspicuously placed on the firearm; and
5. If the caliber or gauge was not identified or designated (e.g., marked “multi”) on
the firearm, the manufacturer, importer, or maker must legibly and conspicuously
mark the frame, receiver, barrel, or pistol slide (if applicable) with the actual
caliber/gauge once the caliber or gauge is known.
Held further, licensed manufacturers seeking to adopt all of the required markings,
including the original manufacturer’s name and place of origin, must receive an approved
variance from ATF.


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The first paragraph in Italics tells me that I am in compliance.
You are the MAKER of the SBR. Per the ruling, the MAKER must place their name, city, and state on the firearm in addition to the original manufacturer info. The first paragraph says that the serial number, model number, and caliber can be reused. The ruling states that the makers info must still be engraved. Call the NFA branch of the ATF (not an ATF field office) if you need to confirm.


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In easier words, If you used a Colt receiver that was a rifle, Colt manufactured the rifle and you are the "Maker" of the SBR.


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I did not convert anything. Mine was assembled completely from parts and the lower was classified as an other firearm on the original 4473


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You converted a "Other" (receiver) into a SBR.

The "Other" was/is a receiver that was/is "Manufactured" by someone else. Their info is on it. When you built it, you "Made" it as a "SBR". You are the "Maker" of the NFA item and should put your info on it.

If you started out with an 80% lower and did it all your self, You are then both and your info would go on it because of NFA status.


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You mean a AR pistol, right? Or MP5 etc? Your Govt is AFU ( All Fouled Up). Build an AR pistol with a 7" barrel with a "Brace"and don't worry about it. Here's the first thing that Googled for AR pistol.

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