SC Turkey Hunt of a Lifetime - Can't Break Jake Battle Against Cancer Auction

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Mods, please remove if not allowed. This is for a great cause that includes members on this site.


This turkey hunt will take place during the 2019 turkey season. This hunt is for 2 nights at Oak Grove Plantation (4,000 acres with hunting lodge in the low country of SC) and the hunt will be for one bird. The winner of the hunt can bring a guest or a child, but the hunter(s) will only be allowed one gobbler total. This hunt will also include special guests Zach Farmer, Dave Owens (Pinhoti Project), Mike Williams (MKW), Steve Mann (MannMade Turkey Calls), Billy Buice (Buice Custom Calls), and more. Steve Mann will be building one box call to commemorate the hunt. All food and drinks will be provided as well as transportation to and from the airport (Charleston, Columbia, Augusta, Savannah) if the winner chooses to fly. We will hold nothing back in making sure the winner of this hunt has the hunt of their life surrounded by legends of the turkey woods. **All proceeds from this hunt will go the “Can’t Break Jake” cancer fundraiser for a young man who is battling cancer.

**Additional Info on Oak Grove Plantation**
OakGrove Plantation is a 4000 acre property located in Hampton & Allendale Co's of SC.
It is a family owned property whereby the family's profession has been natural resource management for over 50 years.
Over the years the Rhodes family has sculpted OakGrove to intertwine intensive forestry and game management creating a network of open pinewoods, cypress ponds, hardwood drains, and young pine timber.
The property is abundant with game as one would expect!
As with all game species at OakGrove, the Eastern wild turkey population is very lightly pressured typically yielding a harvest of 12 gobblers.
Funny you mentioned that. When I saw those names I assumed he would be there and I inquired about that on another forum. He's one heck of a trumpet player and is making some great ones.