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Anybody going this weekend? I'd love to but think I'm going to wait for a week or two. Weather looks good for it, if all the rain hasn't got the water too stained. If you go give a report, and good luck and be safe.


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I’ve been looking for them the last few trips up the ‘Hatch. Seen very, very, few. The survey is way down everywhere. We might be facing a closed season for a couple of years before long.


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Went on a scouting trip yesterday, Cold stained water down south. Couldn't see bottom in 2.5 feet of water. Went up to the WMA today to the boat ramp and there must have been 100 boats right out in front of Dallas Creek. Don't know if they were doing anything but they were stacked up. I'm betting the best reports will come from up north. That's the pattern when we catch as much rain as we did last week.
Go between big grassy and dallus creek and look for the algae that looks like moss and you'll be fine. The numbers are lower and you can get a limit it just takes some work for them and you'll have to move the boat a little more than in previous years.
Took some clients out Monday. We went up to Piney Point (north of the river) and then worked our way south to Grassy. Had 2 younger teens with mom and dad who weren't real good swimmers so we stayed in the 3-3.5 foot depths. They seem to be holding close to the bottom in the flat/round grass areas with the brown moss. Both the mom and dad said that they swam by numerous scallops several times before the sun caught them right and thy made a positive ID. My advice is go slower than the norm and really look in the grass. There are definitely better concentrations in the 4-7 foot depths. Had a regular fishing trip today and there were a ton of boats out in front of the Dallus Creek area. We got chased off the water early by the storms so I didn't have a chance to go into that area and look. The further north you go, the cleaner the water for sure.