Scam on GON Classifieds

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There is a Scam posted on the classifieds, I chased this one down before. He wanted to deliver it
From PA for $250 and pay with SafePay, when I told him my brother in law lived about an hour from him and could be there
With cash and a trailer in a few hours I never heard from him again.

Anyone know how to report it ? Or is anyone a subscriber that can go in and look at the ad ?
If this isn’t a scam, just get me the contact info and I’ll but it, and give you $ 50 for helping. (I’m
Not a subscriber ) $ 2300 for this….



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Eerrrrr I just sent them the funds out of the useles billy club funds.

Yea it’s a scam. 100%
Im still waiting on my money from that Nigerian Prince. I sent him 100 dollars to set up my inheritance account.


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