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does anyone have any suggestions for a good turkey scope for an 1187? i bought a truglo scope. i shot 11 times and the battery cap and battery popped off 3 times. it obviously cannot handle the recoil.


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I bet you can find one here that won't come apart:

Cabelas bought the remaining Gen 1 RMRs and still has them for $325.
Gen 2 on Dvor for a C note more:

register to see prices. Optics Planet discount site

Cabelas includes a free mount, but fitting to your 11-87 may be a problem. Google may help:

And if you don't like it on you shotgun, You'll love it on a pistol. works good, lasts a long time on a HK 45 or 9mm slide. I don't think the scatter gun will be a problem.
Be aware that if the free mount won't work, a mount will be around $90.

RMR1 and 2 differences:

The Trij guy told me it has a better spring on the battery, but if you have that problem, bending the spring for a tighter fit should do the job.
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