Scores from 3 day Benefit for Catherine

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First, Thank you to those that took time out of the Holiday weekend to contribute to a GREAT and need cause.
Long Shot Winner..Ryan Bolen Mens
Anna Whittle Womens
Gracie Clendenin Youth
Ace Award
Mens Chris Childers
Womens Gretchen Pruett
Seniors Fran Kephart

Bo Darby 32
Justin Ewing 156
Ethan Johnson 154
Jim Taylorson 45
Josh Taylorson 39
Seth Blackburn 161
David Howardy -14
Ken Wood 158,129,nc
LJ Bondy 169,190,
Keith Morris 82
David Alligood 142
Adam Lockhart 175,148
Julius Derico 116 Traditional
Marc Thomas 15,46
Luke Brown 104
Marty Griffin 92
Chris Childers 196**
Ryan Bolen 134
Hunter Thomas 190
Willie Johnson 130
CJ Bradfield 73
Frederick Joh 136
Wil Woolard 66
Jacob Holcome 190
Corey Suggs 165
Melvin Atha 126
Fran Kephart 192
Johnny Lennox 6
Rick Akers 4,14
Lee Johnson 177

Kendra Canup 105
Veronica Lockhart nc
Beith Stowers 120,145
Alisha Story 136,144
Sheila Griffth 102
Lindsey Joyce 20
Chisty Childers 166**
Stephanie Scuggs 124

GAbe Blackburn 42
Ryan Wood 76
Sean Poe 144**
Ryan Harris nc
Ross Lockhart -23,68
Jesse Scuggs 139
Memphis Suggs 93
Tucker Bean 118,97

Ryan Lockhart
Stacey Lavinna
Scott Ford
Scotty Rhodes
Butch Parkman
Scott Parrott
Kim Parrott
Janice Davis
Randy Davis
Danny Lockhart
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Thanks so much for coming out and supporting my wife. And to everyone that has supported in other ways and with prayer!!! We greatly appreciate it!!!:love::love::love: