sd card for moultrie, need formatting?

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i am putting out two d-40's this weekend and have a couple questions about using sd cards. first i bought three sandisk 1gigs and one lexar 1gig cards. does it really matter whos card i use as long as its an sd card.
Second, do i need to do anything to the sd card before using it or being able to pull pictures off it on my computer?
i used one recently to update my lowrance gps and when i inserted it in my laptop it said card was not formatted:huh:
i am not the greatest with computers and just want to make sure when i set the camera's i will be able to get pictures off the sd cards i use. Thanks for any suggestions in advance. AW


None of my moultries (Gamespy 100, 200, and D-40) needed the SD card formatted. My Stealthcam i-390 did have to be formatted with the CF card.


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The manufacturer of the SD card does not's all memory. SD memory is a type of memory and that is what is important.

If you have used the memory for something other than pics, I would say to format them so that you can get a clean slate on the memory. You never know what has been added by another program.

Once formatted, you just put in the cam and set it to the resolution you want. Go back when you feel you have some pics and take out the SD card only. Take it to your computer and download the pics or just view off of the card.

What I do is download the pics to a folder specifically for deer pics. Then delete the pics off of the card so that it is clean again and ready for re-use back in the cam. Make sure you have them on your computer before you delete them.

Hope this helps!


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Did not format the SD cards in my M-60's and they work fine.


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Normally you do not have to format the card because it has already been done. If it has not been done it is an easy thing to do. On the card make sure the write protection has been disabled. If you hold the card in your hand with the letter facing towards you there is a small tab (switch) on the left side of the card and put the tab or switch towards the open end of the card. That will disable the protection on the card and it will accept your photos. I do not have a card with me at the moment so I hope I have my right and left correct. It is easy to figure out. The write protection is used when you do not want to lose files already on the card and they cannot be overwritten when the protection is on. Hope this helps.
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thanks for the input, i just stuck a card in one of the camera's took a couple manual pics and they downloaded to pc just fine. can't wait to get some pics to post!!!