Went to Paula Deen's CreeK House on our anniversary and it was awesome but they DO NOT use local shrimp and sea food.

marker 107 restaurant in Richmond Hill is AMAZINGLY good with great atmosphere and views over the river and marsh. And they use local seafood and GA Shrimp.

Both places are priced accordingly...
AJ's- Tybee Island
Flying Fish- Wilmington Island
Shell House - Right off I-95
Marker 107- Richmond Hill
Sunbury Crab Company- Sunbury
Skipper's Fish Camp- Darien
Hunter's Café- Shellman Bluff

Kind of a wide range but all pretty good.

sea trout

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The Shellhouse out by I95 is good. The Flying Fish on Wilmington Island. AJ’s Dockside and The Deck on Tybee
I have never been to The Shellhouse or the Deck but the other 2 are fantastic!

This thread is making me hungry!!!!
I echo the half shell in the village on Saint Simons. Also Iguana's in the villiage uses local sea food and everything there is good and fresh. Hunters at Shellman's Bluff was a few years ago written up in the NY Times. They have good food. Best Ga wild caught white shrimp will be found at B&J"s in Darien. A hole in the wall but, good food and great shrimp. If you go there after 4:00 plan on a wait.
Sorry, I just wont patronize a seafood diner that doesn't support local shrimpers and fishermen. I refuse to eat shrimp raised in "organic" crap and loaded with antibiotics...
Speeds is good. If they have fresh trout they are delicious fried.