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With all the acorns on the ground from the storm what would be your secondary plan. Stick with the ridges or move to water sources
I'd stick with your usual spots. If they don't have the usual sign, stay on the move until you find it. If you have good acorns near water and the sign is there, well, that's a no brainer. Hunt the sign, not the acorns. Post a pic when you bag a bear, and good luck!
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Thanks guys. The white oak grove I hunt has a lot of climb marks and older scat. That's why I wonder with the acorns on the ground if they have moved on
I hunted last week near the Chatta. WMA....Absolute disaster up there. I couldn't access any of my normal spots in the WMA so was forced to hunt uncharted land. Found a little bit of sign and spooked just one bear in two days of hunting.

Does anyone know when they are planning on opening up the roads again? Maybe they will keep them closed for the early gun weekend and open them afterwards ... (I don't understand why they interrupt archery season with that darn rifle weekend...).
Twincedargap looks like your plans paid off. congrats. What's the story
Thanks. Its in the 2017 Harvest Thread thats pinned to the top of the main page. I think we've seen the semi-permanent pinned threads so long, we haven't noticed the 2017 thread. Thanks for the mod for updating our page.