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I have bought feed fro Elizabeth Feed and Seed in Kennesaw. I also think Morgans Ace in Woodstock carries a variety. I usually buy mine near the Huntin land. Hope this helps.


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Elizabeth seed and feed is closed, another place opened up the street but I dont know what he carries, called Marietta seed and feed. Theres backyard seed and feed in Smyrna, and Acworth feed Glade rd and 92. I would call all before going. Morgans does carry some stuff, other choice would be Lads in Cartersville. I buy my stuff near the club at Kimbough brothers Pine MTN.
Try contacting Adams Brisco Seed company .They carry a very good supply and they can ship to you if you cannot drive or they have a dealer close to you.Just a thought and good it helps out some.
Cooper seed ( will have whatever you want & are close to you. You can get price & availability online before you go.


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go to tractor supply off of 140 in hickory flat or make a little drive you will save more money. Corn, seed and feed can be a couple bucks cheaper a bag depending where you go. If i need seed to plant I will just hit up the local feed and seed in meriwether where I hunt. I i'm needing to feed my back yard deer I go to tractor supplly