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Me and a few buddies from the FD are wanting to do a hog hunt for a day or 2 later this month. We are looking for WMAs with a decent population. We were looking at Oaky woods or Ocmulgee. Anybody want to recommend another with good populations. This go around we were thinking south of Atlanta and west of 75. But any info for north or any other hot spots would be appreciated. Preferably with in 1.5-2 hours of Atlanta.
I am not looking for anyone's honey hole just some input. I have never hunted hogs before and the other 2 have but in SOUTH Ga and La.
PM is preferred. Thanks in advance.
I've hunted oakywoods and had success. I have also hunted pinelog in white Georgia which is North of Atlanta. I've been to pinelog several times and haven't seen a thing. Oaky woods or ocmulgee would be my best bet that I know of. But I've only been back in Georgia for a few months


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I’ve had great luck at ocmulgee , early in the year small game season or archery , haven’t been in a few years but use to live pretty close and hunted it often, beautiful swamp !
Check out Hannahatchee As well.....should be lots of hogs and it’s flat so ez walking(sort of)
I think first responders are allowed to hunt the Fort Benning reservation which is huge and loaded with hogs.
And Chickasawhatchee (sp) is right there
too. I've done well there it would be
worth the xtra miles.

Don't wait until it gets warm.
Plenty of bugs, gators and snakes.
I'm in a club beside Hannahatchee and we have A LOT of hogs. It isn't flat. Very steep ridges. I haven't seen many rattlesnakes but, I'm looking out when I'm climbing up those ridges because it would be easy to get popped above the knee and above knee high snake boots