Self Guided Hunt in Montana

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Good morning all,
So, my father-in-law is really wanting to go to Montana to do a self guided hunt (there would be four of us in total). However, none of us have been to the state. I asked if he had a specific location in mind and he said no, and asked me to research where we should go. Since I have access to the wealth of knowledge of you fine folks, I thought I would start here.

So, for you have that self guided in Montana, where do you like, and what has been your experience?
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I can’t help you with hunting tips but will tell you this. Expect to be OVERWHELMED by the natural beauty of that state.
Good luck!!!
I have been to Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Utah. I absolutely loved the natural beauty. I am sure I will be overwhelmed and love every moment of being out there.


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Agreed on southeast Montana comment. Also, I have hunted around Big Timber - tons of access and public land and animals were very plentiful. Good folks there - you might even ask around to hunt some private. I have found that some locals in Montana and Wyoming don;t necessarily like outfitters but they do like a bottle of Crown Royal and some pocket change from good old country folks like them.
When you get your license and tags squared away, you can hunt BLM but you need up to date maps, and a smart phone to make sure of your location. There are regulations up there on camping. Read them and adhere to them . There are bears in Montana, and all of your food must be bear proof containers. When we went we hoisted our provisions up in the trees when possible.

Good luck, it's gods country. When you get back, there will be a great desire to return.

Makes me wish I were young again.
When I’m looking at hunting a new place out west I always start with the data.

First I only look at units with high percentages of public land. I really don’t even consider anything less than 60% and prefer 75%+.

Then I prioritize those units based on a balance of success rate and hunter density.

Then comes the fun part. I look at maps of all these units and look for things like access, terrain, vegetation density. We’re can I get to to hunt? Where can I not get to? What kind of scenery do I want to see? Where can I camp? Where can I get water?

Then once you have a place narrowed down, you load up and go. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Enjoy the adventure.

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Only advice I can give, and it is from those that I know that have been out west is start getting in shape now! A year before you go. Cardio, cardio, cardio!! If you don't your time there can be ruined and no fun. Good luck.


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I have never been but I have friends who have lived and hunted there extensively...The advice above about bears cannot be overstated...There are places where grizzlies are very densely populated. Raised at Full Draw has a camp around Augusta Montana and they've actually put an electric fence around it as a small deterrent. No food in tents, bear spray and situational awareness are key. I'm sure if you go to Raised Hunting's website and send an email they will offer some advice...They lived and hunted public ground there for years.