sept 18

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Good morning. Deer were moving good in the hardwoods. There are a few trees droping acorns and the deer are on them as fast as they drop. This doe came in at 9:30 with two more. She went about a hundred yards and crashed.
She was bone dry.
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tenth day

I was suprised to find the other two deer I had taken when I brought this doe in today. I wanted to weigh this last deer but somebody stole my processors cotton scales that have been in his family for over a hundred years. They were stolen last year from Big Bobs Wild Game Processing on Sloppy Floyd lake rd. in Summerville. If anyone knows anything about these scales he just wants them back. His number is 706-857-1389.Great processor


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deer hanging

5 days hanging in the cooler??? Why?
For one, he needs more than four or five deer to even fire up his equipment.
He could hang them for ten days it would be fine with me. It does make a difference. Even when the cooler if full he trys to let them hang for three or four days.
I usually hang them overnight in the garage back home in NYS...but it is also usually like 30 at night or lower. In Ga, i debone mine and have it taken care of in a quick fashion.


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CONGRATS, dude!!! You are holding nothing back! Keep at it!:cool:


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Good job, satchmo! Nice doe!

I had a friend who would pay extra to have his hang for two weeks in the cooler. I myself will leave one on ice for two weeks in an ice chest and just check the ice and drain the water every day or two. It does make a difference.
I believe that hanging (aka as aging) deer (or any other type of animal) also helps to tenderize the meat as decompostion begins breaking down the fibers in the meat. Here's a link discribing the process.

Aging is typically done on beef for meat that will typically be sold in high in steak houses primarily to make the meat more tender. It doesn't really benefit you for a deer (or cow for that matter) that you are going to make sausage, cube steak, jerky, or ground burger meat out of.