Sesame planting

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I have read posts about planting sesame for doves, on two occasions I have seen fields of 100 acres in Taylor County without enough birds for a shoot. What is the secret to attract birds?


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We tried it this year without success. Planted too thick and it just didn’t grow. It’s definitely more of a late season attractant


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I've hunted fields that were good with sesame (benne), but it was alternated with sunflowers and corn. One small field I hunted years ago it was the sole crop, but the birds were in it. It's like any other food crop for dove, the ground should be clean of weeds. Gil


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I have been too some barrel burning hunts on benne fields. There must be an art to growing it because there are 3 farmers that specialize in planting it around the Thomasville, Tallahassee area.
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These fields were planted for a crop, still plenty of seed on the ground after combining late November. Doves are in it now by the hundreds, apparently headed back north.