*** Severe Threat for 12/19 - 12/20 2017***

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Would love to post a couple of gif maps for you, but that doesn't seem to be possible right now during the forum maintenance period.

In a nutshell, an area of low pressure will form overnight tonight into Tuesday just over NW Mississippi and move East over Alabama and Georgia. Warm temps plus moisture plus opposing air masses will set up good Thermodynamics to elevate the potential for thunderstorms and a slight to moderate risk of tornadoes.

Areas at risk could be as far south as Macon, but will mainly be focused on a LaGrange up through the 85 N corridor, with potential down to Athens, and perhaps Augusta as the system progresses.

The determining factor of how far south the risk extends will be determined by the track of the Low as it moves across the state, along with daytime heating.

These winter systems, as many of you saw last January, move low and fast and there is little warning between when rotation is indicated on radar and ground truth.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled to the atmosphere, radio, tv and your weather radio.