Severe Weather Alerts

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In light of recent weather events in South Georgia I am once again compelled to spread the word about S.A.M.E capable weather radios. If you could spend $25 to save you and your families life wouldn't that seem worth it? This radio is programmable to your county and the counties to your surrounding area, customizable for your circumstances. This way you usually only hear alerts and warnings for areas that effect only you. Not the constant alarms that the old weather radios put out.
It can be such an annoying noise, but it is annoying to get your attention that your life may be in danger and give you the opportunity to take shelter and see another day. Please, please, please (I can't state it enough) consider strongly purchasing one of these devices. It is a small price to pay for your safety. We haven't even come close to the prime tornado season for our area yet so consider what it could mean to you and your loved ones in your household.
This is just one resource for purchasing, and many local stores have them as well, either in stock or online. Please get one as soon as possible. It will be the best purchase you ever made, and if you never have to hear it, $25 isn't wasted, it is cheap insurance.