SGTP Shoot April 14, 2018

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Jake Allen

Ya'll come on down. Saturday, April 14, 2018
We will get started by 8 am, and shoot all day if you want.

This month's demo is on land trapping. Include types of traps, footholds, coon cuffs and such, earth anchors, swivels, catches and tools, setting traps in the dirt, skinning a coyote, talking about being legal, baits, lures and scents.

Also, lunch is smoked wild pork from a hog killed on the place last Friday.

We also have an elevated platform to shoot from.

Ya'll come, please!

What is it?

SGTP, aka South Georgia Traditional Archery

A group of Traditional Archers, Flint Knappers, Primitive Skills Folks, Bow Makers, Cooks, Hunters, Gatherers and just plain Good Folks.

If you want to make a self bow, come on down for personal instruction, encouragement and help. Bring a stave if you have one.
Arrow making advice, shooting advice, good place for that.
How to break a rock? Flint knapping going on too.
Some of the best folks there are.

The shoot is held in the woods of the beautiful Poole Plantation in Ellaville, Ga.

There will be have 20 targets or more, set in a challenging, but fun course and trail. HatchetDan in charge.

Fees are right for the fun.

$5 for members
$10.00 for non members
Shoot all day at that price.
First time visitors shoot for FREE!

We'll have a lunch available for a $5.00 donation.

Y'all join us if you can. We look forward to it.

154 Poole Rd
Ellaville, Ga. 31806
229.938.0269 (text or call)
404.960.9115 (text or call)



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Lowel is demo on turkey fans also

trad bow

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Would love to be there but can’t drive that far yet. Will try to find someone willing to drive me down. Can’t shoot a bow yet either.