Shabby treatment for disabled at Corn dawgs Rodeo

Lawyer up? Really? Don't get me wrong, what the kid did was wrong but maybe, just maybe, this is merely a case of lack of training that is easily corrected. I'm certainly not defending him or the outfit he works for, just seems "lawyering up" is taking it a little too far and doesn't fit the crime. There's enough of that going around as it is. :flag:
Sue someone over this? Certainly not saying it was right...but its sad days when everyone is out to sue another. Makes me sick personally....JMO.
I agree with both of you. This individual needs to be spoken to by his boss to clarify what it is he did wrong. Perhaps he was raised in a home where he wasn't taught any better. There are a lot of kids raised these days that reflect that NO parenting skills were ever applied to their upbringing. Pathetic! NO, I am NOT defending this guy at all, but to get a lawyer involved? That's over the top.
I contacted the owner about this right after it was posted and gave the owners contact info to Mutt. Hopefully, he called her. She was very sorry and disappointed in the action of the employ and was going to do everything to make it right and make sure it don't happen again.