Shad fishing on the Savannah River at Augusta

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We used to go all the time in early spring when I was little. I am going to be in Augusta this weekend for Easter and wanted to get out on the river below the lock and dam to catch some Shad.

However, I don't even know if the shad are running right now. I never can remember when they run. I know it's around Easter. Does anyone know if the shad are out there to be caught?

Trip Penn

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They should be there but the water is going to high from all the rain we got this week. Check the fishing report in the Augusta Chronicle Friday or call the bait and tackle shop at the dam. The guy that runs the shop usually has a fishing report in Fridays paper with his phone number.


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Shad are definitely running! I was down there today and guys were catching them one after another from off the dam. Should be even better from a boat. They were using purple and white jigs. Most of the lines were had about 6 jigs hanging with a 3oz. weight. Good luck. I'm going after them tomorrow!


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I went out yesterday but only caught one!!! Had at least 8 hits but couldn't capitalize. We were trolling with green crappie jigs but we were only out there for about an hour. Good luck cause they are in there. If I could have reeled them in better then we would have had seven or eight in an hour or so.