Shadow Boxes


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Made up a couple of shadow boxes to hang on the wall to display my small collection. Typical type with felt in the back.

How would or do you guys attach the points so the boxes can be hung?


Build them where the points are pushed and held by the glass into a softer material. Do not glue them at all
This. I don't want to put any glue or such on points. You can put foam in there with felt over it to hold them against the glass.
I used hot glue and didn't have a problem. It snaps right off and was just strong enough to hold the points. I'd still test it just to make sure.


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Got it. Thanks!

mizzippi jb

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Duff probably just picked up some pointy 57 stone out of his driveway


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Yes. Probably. But they were worked by my truck tires. :p