Shameful Video (I Think)


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I purchased the VHS, "Boss Beards II" by Team Fitzgerald, b/c it was the first of very few I found on the subject of bowhunting turks which show the full hunt from setting up to the kill.

Well, I have seen a lot of wild turkeys, at least Easterns in North Florida in my hunting days, and none of them carried themselves like the supposed Merriams??? in this video.

These guys are sitting in a Double-Bull blind, and , for one, surely don't strike me as well schooled turkey hunters (or callers, but, they are in the blind, father and son, taking turns filming what to me, clearly are not fully wild, if wild at all, full grown turkey gobblers walking up to the blind , with their heads down, , not alert whatsoever, not gobbling while approaching the call, within feet, and these guys just peg 'em with their bow.

Now, I maybe totally wrong. If I am, I really owe an apology to these guys, BUT, the turkeys are aimlessly wandering up to the blind, basically, and their snoods and wattles look really thick and fat like domesticated birds, and their gait is not that which I have witnessed a mature wild eastern tom ever perform.

The man who has his turn shooting at the time, draws his bow, lets fly the arrow, and runs out of the blind, up to the flapping bird, and picks it up, and then proceeds with his seemingly rehearsed "whew, it don't get no better than this" and "what a bird"....bla, bla, bla.

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling about something, and mine was such that, halfway through the new video, I snatched it out of the VCR and placed it back in its box, and doubt I will look at it again.

I have high hopes of killing a turkey with my bow this year, as I had last year (but never did), but if and when I do, I won't be shootin' anything but wild Easterns with it.

Shame on those guys for selling that crap.

In other words, don't waste your money on this junk!

(P.S. Does anyone have knowledge of any truly good videos of bowhunting truly wild turkeys?)
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I have one here at work called "Eastern Insanity" Bowhunting Easterns.

It is probaly about 7 to 9 years old judgeing by the equipment but it is pretty good.

These birds are "WILD" on this video.

I too will be taking up Bow Hunting Turkeys this year. :cool:


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I've met Dan and Guy and while I think Guy is a smart alec little punk , I've known the both to be extremely honest ethical hunters , I haven't seen this video but if they were hunting Domestic birds I believe they would've said so at the beginning


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I got the new Mossy Oak dvd, and I highly recommend it. The hunts are all filmed well and the extra features are really good. It has a segment with Tom Kelly reading some of his work and Toxy Haas explaining his take on the whole Mossy Oak business and philosophy. I also like Primos.They seem to be down to earth with no **** and show everything, including screw ups.


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Are the Mossy Oak, Ben Lee, and Primos videos bowhunting or gun, or both?

I hope I am wrong about that team fitzgerald video, it's just that the birds look so complacent and non-alert, as well as mostly non-responsive to the calling. It just doesn't "feel" authentic.

Thanks for recommendations on bowhunting videos.