Shameless: Schumer's Hilarious, Desperate Flip Flop on SCOTUS Nominees and the 'Ginsburg Standard'


...just joking, seriously.
"There is a grand tradition, that I support, that you can’t ask a judge who was nominated or a potential judge who was nominated for a judgeship about a specific case that might come before them," he said.

"– the next nominee has an obligation – a serious and solemn obligation – to share their personal views on these legal issues..."


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As soon as Kavanaugh is confirmed hes marching to the Supreme Court to hold a vote on abortion, repealing the NFA and he will ensure the border wall is built.

Yep, thats how it works.
Schumer is nothing but used grease. He's dirty, used up, but still slippery. Here he tripped over his own self. I love to see that weasel called out!


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Y'all need to ease up on ol' Chuck. You shouldn't hammer him so hard until you've walked a mile in his shoes.

His speech is not meant for a room full of Einstein's, it is meant for the low info voters.