She's a keeper!

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Nice !!! Did y'all eat them ?
LTZ25 we put these two back. Still have a freezer full from this past winter and a good bit of crappie from the spawn. This hole has been producing some big cats, I'm sure you know where its at! Come see me and we'll get on 'em!


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that's one thing I've not tried a catfish stew. You got a good recipe Preacher?
Get your pot and fry some bacon in the bottom, take out the bacon and leave the grease in it-- Then get some taters, onions and filet of catfish. Next LAYER your pot with -- one layer of sliced taters, one layer of onions , one layer of filet then put a few pieces of bacon--- go all the way to the top alternating layers. Next cover with water and bring to a boil, then simmer for a while till all is don. Next put in some mater ketchup till it's SWEET---- Then call the ole Preacher;)