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When I was a kid, me and my dad used to take our flyrods down to the shoals on the Flint River right below Gay, GA.

We had a wonderful time. We used to catch some big beautiful bluegill and shellcrackers; we also caught some very nice shoal bass.

Well, the years passed and someone influential apparently bought up the land on both sides of the river and now we can't get in to fish any more.

Are there similar shoals within a reasonable driving distance of Riverdale, GA that me and my dad could take our flyrods out and do a little summer afternoon wading in?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :cool:


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drive about another 20 minutes south of gay possibly less time to Sprewell Bluff state park, beatiful shoals there also ans some good fishing too.


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Sprewell Bluffs

Agreed. Good fishing at the shoals and also at the (Big Lazer?) WMA about a mile below the park.

But.....not till the water goes down .
Both of those are good locations.

You can talk to Kent Edmonds too and get some good ideas about where also.

I was over the river yesterday though and MAN WAS IT HIGH! It and the Ocmulgee are blow out for a while. And we got more rain over here last night with more expected in the next two days. It will be two weeks before it is able to be fished.


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if you dont mind a short walk park at the area down by the river at the main part of the park and walk back up river(a short hike over the wood lookout ) and go about a half mile north and you will run into some good sure to take some rock-worm imitaions (i tie mine with the hook inverted) and a silver and blue streamer or any craw fish patterns, good luck