shotgun found on wma *Update* found owner thanks to this forumn


That is pretty awesome he got the gun back. Great teamwork!
You are correct David, the only time I see someone at the check station is during those quota hunts. I have seen the warden out there a few times and he has always been very friendly. I'm glad that Tony is able to get his shotgun back and I know he was excited.
Good Deal man! at least there's still a few good honest people left out there!
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Good Job!! Glad you found it instead of some Looky here what I fount kind of feller.
Killdee, that's exactly right. I honestly would have felt terrible not being able to get it back where it belongs and I felt this was going to be a long shot but I can't begin to tell you how good it felt to find out who it belongs to.


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Awesome, if only more people in this world was like you.