Should convicted felons be able to vote

Should convicted felons be able to vote?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 32.5%
  • No

    Votes: 27 67.5%

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I'm not for stripping disabled veterans of their right to vote. Keep it simple-everybody over 18 gets a vote.
Disabled Veterans are not receiving government assistance. They’re being repaid.

Your 18 year old bucks that roam all night and won’t work are receiving government assistance. There’s a difference.


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Discuss if a felony conviction should negate ones ability to vote


Then and forevermore.

Don't like my opinion ? Then blame it on the idiot liberal judges & glory hungry lawyers who release folks that shouldn't be released.....sorta questions my ability to believe in "debt to society is paid" due to the early release.
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why do some folks get so mad when you simply ask them why they believe what they've believe?
The only reason the majority says no here is yall are afraid they would all vote blue.

As far as Im concerned, as long as its not a violent crime and they have paid their dues and served their time, they should be allowed to vote.

Have a friend, in FL in fact that made a bad mistake years ago and got drunk and got behind the wheel. She hit and killed someone and served 18 years in FL state pen for it. She got out, got back on her feet, got married, bought a house, owns her on trucking busines and is a Conservative contributor to society. Youre trying to tell me she should NEVER be allowed to vote again? Sorry. I dont agree.
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Yes. Vehicular homicide carries a heavy price.
She paid that price. You will try i am sure but you wont change my mind.

"There but for the Grace of God go I."
My first thought is no way they should ever vote again. I would consider a process for allowing them to earn that right back. They would be ineligible to vote until the term they were sentenced to ran it's course even if they receive an early release. If they were ever convicted of a second felony, they are done voting.
She paid that price. You will try i am sure but you wont change my mind.

"There but for the Grace of God go I."
As you will not change mine either.

There are some crimes that are so bad they should carry that penalty regardless of how much and how well you turn your life around afterwards. The fact the perp is allowed to live more than compensates for the loss of their civil rights.
You can become a felon for growing a little corn and souring it in a barrel, just sayin'.