Shoulder pain

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Any y'all experience any shoulder pain when you started trad? I've shot a compound most of my life and never had this pain. Back right side of my neck and my shoulder down in my arm? It's just a 45# bow. I can pull it no problem. Shootin too much reckon?


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Most likely shooting to often remember it's a exercise and you have to give them some days off to recovery. Later on you will have less issues and remember to do some warm up exercises to loosen up that may help too.
All of the above.... Also, Slow down your shooting pace when practicing.
Take a short break between shots, stretch , enjoy the day ..
Focus on making the shot count by shooting fewer arrows in a session
Quality of your shot versus quantity!
You'll get their.


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One of the “bow fit” type exercisers is great warm up. It’s bascially surgical tubing with a foam grip

Great way to warm up and scretch at the same time