shoulder shot with a rage

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Here's the deal. My son shot a deer with a rage bout 815 this am. The deer whirled at the shot and he feels the arrow smacked him square in the shoulder. He said got a little less than half the arrow length in penetration. We gonna wait til 1230 to go try and find his deer. The deer didn't bolt at the shot. Just loped off. He said no blood at point of impact but didnt go any ****her looking for fear of spooking the deer. Whatcha think? Any chance of recovery? The penetration is what concerns me. We'll see in a little bit.
Sounds like a dead deer. Good luck
Found that deer yet? We are waiting......
2:23 pm you guys have any luck finding him? come on man some of had to stay home bound this weekend. please i am living thru you guys today.


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Let us know asap.
I keep checking but now I see he is looking at the post now :)
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Well guys no luck. Waited til 1230 to get on trail. Found one small speck of blood close to impact spot. Spent 45 minutes looking for the next spot only to find it close to 40 yds away. Started trailing decent blood then it would stop. Pick it up again then lose it. Long story short we looked til 400 and covered probably 300 yds through the woods til it ran out at the edge of a 100 acre cotton field. Waded in cotton til it got chest high and gave up. Never found the arrow. Assuming its still in him. Just don't know what happened. Blood never looked like lung blood. Never found where he laid down. Maybe it wasnt a lethal hit. Just dont know. If you hunt long enough, is gonna happen.
I hate that for ya. Like you said, if you hunt long enough it WILL happen. Take it in stride and on to the next hunt. I missed my first deer I shot at with a bow a couple years ago and am waiting to redeem myself. I'm sure it will be running through my mind when I draw back on the next.
Sorry to hear the story end like this, I know a bunch of folks were following this thread pretty closely with their fingers crossed! You are right that it's an unavoidable eventuality for any bow hunter though. I remember the deer lost more than the ones recovered sometimes! Sounds like you guys gave it all you had though, if anything changes let us know!

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Sorry man. It happens to the best of us.
I had the same thing happen to me last year with a rage. A shoulder shot is hard to track when it doesn't come out the other side. The bone around the arrow will stop most of your blood and keep it internal.