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I can't understand why the DNR will not let us hunt bear in Twiggs County but 1 day in January. I walked in Saturday morning to hunt my food plot and there lies a 200 + lb bear laying there eating oats. I did everything but run at him with my pistol to get him to leave, eventually I cranked up the mule and ran him off. I see more bears than anything else. I've got pictures of them running fawns. They seem to only fear large boar hogs.
Once again, WHY?

The mtn man

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My guess would be, they don't want them shot in your area.

Killer Kyle

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Yep, they believe that the population might not yet be at a point where it can sustain more harvest, and also sustain a steady population. I'm not sure what the population is in your neck of the woods, but evidently they feel it is small enough to only allow a very limited harvest. Sounds like you've got some good bear habitat where you are! Y'all been able to kill any in years past? I know your frustrations with the conflict with them and deer. Seems like when bears are using a field frequently, the deer will use it infrequently or only at times when the bear isn't there (and often at night). It can make patterning deer or getting them in front of you like a game of chess.