I like 20% picaridin or 100% deet. The picaridin smells less and seems equally effective. You could also treat your gear with permethrin. It's the same stuff in flea shampoo for your dog and it will kill all insects. One treatment last a couple weeks depending on how often you wash your stuff
I returned a week ago from my bear hunt in Maine. Luckily, I never needed to crank up my Themacel at all. I sprayed my outer layers with 2-3 good coats of Sawyers spray permethrin. It seemed to do the trick.

Other hunters in camp were using their Thermacels, but it could have been partly due to their specific locations.

I'm a firm believer in this Sawyer's spray! 0922181018-1.jpg


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i don't hunt where skeeters are "really heavy" but what works for me is smoke myself w/ campfire or just build a little pine straw fire w/a little green in it . i don't use any sprays for scent killer or skeeters that way