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I tell you, it was some pretty red meat, nice and lean. I'm not sure, but I think skunks eat pretty clean, unlike possums that eat garbage.
In my younger years, up north in Pa, I ran a short trap line to supplement my high school earnings.
I often caught skunks in leg holds. I loved that they made most traps they were caught in much more productive.
I did try eating them and I would equate it to coon.
I also had times my mother would lock me out of the house until I stripped down and hosed off.:cheers:
Barrow county where I live is loaded with them, you see them and smell them on the roads every where but I have never seen a live one ever ??? I trap some and wonder what will I ever do if I catch one in a leg hold trap ?
Ya'll have to be starving to be wondering about if skunk might taste good. Possum and armadillo ( possum on a half shell ) are bad enough. Almost spit my coffee across the room laughing.
Tommy, if you happen to catch one in a foothold trap, shoot him behind the shoulder with a .22 and back away and let him pass peacefully. Then you can get your trap back and either boil it then or put it aside to treat it later, but personally I wouldn't use the trap again until I cleaned it.