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Well, glad someone got the lead early...tomorrow Will and I will take over from there,... right Will?? :bounce::bounce::bounce:


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i had a great morn. i had deer under me as soon as i got in the tree and had one down by 7.30 i could not believe a 500 mag. did not get a complete pass through i recovered the bullet from his rear leg just under the skin. oh well i will see if it will go through a doe or two on sunday


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opening weekend has come and gone there are 22 people in this contest i figured at least 20 deer would be entered by now. i guess i can slow down and start coasting in this little contest.


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its to early to slow down jamiehunts i just need to add a few points to yours and we can lock this thing down.
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I woulda had one that was hard to beat in one shot but some thief stole the deer 100 yards from where I shot it in less than an hour!!! The thing was enormous. Still no word on who might of took it but it has only been 24 hours.


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Hope ya catch the thief! Read about it in your other post and can't believe someone would do that!

As for me, the same spike came out at 25 yds yesterday morning and this morning. Saw some does and yearlings as well, but they were just past my comfortable shooting range.
Next weekend!

Congrats jamiehunts!


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The wind had me pinned down in the afternoons and the wife had me pinned down in the mornings. :banana:

I will be in my honey hole next weekend so it won't be long before Operation Bad Medicine is on the board!


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I wouldnt start coasting yet you know that does count for more . I shot twice and killed once but a branch on my ground blind was not seen in the scope and made me miss doe #2 . And the rut has not kicked in yet so there are a lot of deer that can be taken . I drew blood with my muzzleloader opening weekend , took 2 does but it was not with a pistol so they dont count :mad:::;::;
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Nice buck caught me off guard today...if he is there tomorrow, he will die and i will be on the way to rackign up points for me and Will...Speaking of Will, get off the couch and kill kill kill!!!!


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Tooo quiet in here!!! Another weekend is upon us, Who's gonna put some points up this week? I'll be in it from dark til dark on Sunday.


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Good luck, Don! Family time for me this weekend, but will be out in the woods late next week for a couple days.


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I'm going in the morning, tired of getting wet so I didn't go today. My dad say a hoss this morning at day break heading to one of my stands.


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somethings got to give. I'm almost to the point of "if its brown......". I do know that once I get started it's gonna be on.:shoot:
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I have been hunting bow only areas because i can not find any gun areas that are free now. I have a lease, but it is about 4 hours away...


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y'all better crank it up or team #12 will be #1 when the smoke clears. ::ke:::ke: