Small game handgun. What do you use?

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What handgun do you use for Small game? I have always used a Ruger Mark series (currently this Mark III). Just wondering what some of you other guys prefer. I threaded the barrel and machined the compensator. IMG_20180729_220017_639.jpg
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S&W Model 17 with a 8-3/8 inch barrel, open sights.

It is one nice pistol


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I will be using the Single Six .22 LR I just picked up
Ruger MKIII .22/45. I love the old Single Sixes, too. I had an old long-barreled one that I hunted with for years, until it got stolen. I miss it. It was my main coon hunting gun for years.


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I have a couple I use,but my go to is this Colt New Frontier Buntline single action in .22lr



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Haven't checked in a while,just looked at Gunbroker's this gun with box and papers (I have both)is selling for around 1000.oo,mine was made in 1973

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I got 3 . ruger 22/45 . browning buckmark . ruger single six . I like the 22/45 the best . But mainly a bunch of .22 bullets at laughing squirrels .