smokepole doe durning firearms

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Got this doe yesterday just befor dark when the wind stoped blowing. Made a perfect shot she ran about 50yrds and fell. There was so much smoke....... man I love to hunt with my smoke pole



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That's a nice one! It is a blast when the smoke clears and you see that white belly laying there!

Congratulations to you!!


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Great deer Chris! Every deer with a smokepole is a trophy.
What kind of ML are you shooting, loads etc.?
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I am shooting a t/c triumph 100 grains of powder and 240 grain mag express sabots xtp bullets. I love to shoot this gun this if the first year I have went only black powder.
Chris that pretty darn cool :cool:there really ain't nothin like a cloud of smoke and the smell of burnt blackpowder :fine::fine: