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I live in Central Georgia and am an avid squirrel hunter. I have 2 feist dogs and hunt 4 or 5 days a week. I am 72 years old but in good shape for my age, thanks to the Good Lord. I am deathly scared of venomous snakes and the timber rattlers are numerous in my area. Presently, I wear Danner high top snake boots and they are GREAT. However, at 72, I find it harder and harder to lift my legs. Any high top boot seems to somewhat limit how high I can lift my legs and I tend to fall quite a bit, which is not a good thing at 72. Certainly do not want to break a bone at my age. I have thought about getting just a 8 or 9 inch boot and getting some of the plastic wrap around shin guards for snake protection. I also have some of the turtle skin chaps that I sometimes wear, but not always. They are also supposed to be snake proof. It is really hard to wear both the Danners and the turtle skin chaps at the same time. The chaps are not that thick, about like a heavy set of denim jeans. I have thought about just wearing the turtle skin chaps without the Danners, but that just does not "feel" right to me. I really wonder if the turtle skin chaps would stop a snake bite. I am just looking for some advice from all of those that hunt our bottom lands and hill sides is search of any small game. What do you wear? What would be your recommendations? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow is July 4. Let us all thank God for our freedom and our independence. They did not come without a cost, a heavy cost.

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Frank Gibbs
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A pair of snake gaiters coupled with a pair of good work boots would be the trick. Light weight and you could still move with comfort. When the time comes where I can`t wear my heavy all leather Chippewa snake boots, that`s what I will go with.

Thank you for your service, Sir.


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Mr. Gibbs, I do believe you should buy some Turtleskin gaiters and that should be good enough. I believe with absolute certainty that they will take a snakebite. I have a buddy who cruises timber and has confirmed them. If you'd like some company I live in the middle GA area and squirrel hunt pretty regular staring in late Sept. I run curs but would like to see some nice fiest in action.
I have the turtle skins also. In their companies demonstration video, they put a balloon in the turtle skins and make several timber rattlers strike and they never bust the balloons. I wear them alot and trust them, but I still watch my step.


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Thank You for your service to this great Country and a blessed Independence Day to you!

I'm getting up in age a bit too. I have just transitioned from snake boots to a pair of gaiters worn with my regular
Hunting boots. They do provide better mobility especially around the ankle/lower leg and they are lighter than the snake boot. Stay safe in the woods and keep that boot leather right side down.
The turtle skin snake chaps is the same material NASA used to line the airbag system of the Mars lander. If they decided on to send it to Mars I feel reassured these are the lightest snake proof material out there

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I tried the plastic type leggings years ago and on long walks they seemed to rub my legs and would make blisters..

I have redhead snake boots and they are pretty light and so far i can walk miles in them....I am 70...
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Fellows: Thanks for all of the advice. I ordered a pair of turtle skin gaiters and they will be here in a few days. For you fellows that wear the gaiters, what type of boots do you wear. After reading the info on the gaiters and watching their video, I feel quite sure that the gaiters will protect my legs. BUT, I want to make sure that the timber rattlers cannot puncture my boots. When I was wearing snake boots, I wore the Danner Pronghorn high tops. Danner also makes a 10 inch Pronghorn. I wonder if it is snake proof. Also, what other recommendations might any of you have. And, thanks again for all of the input.
I am gonna order a pair of they Gaiters too. I am also 72 and have a hard time wearing snake boots. They have also caused me to fall a couple of times. It is not that I am scared of snakes, I have walked many miles through the South Georgia without snake boots. My problem is that a bite from a rattler or cottonmouth is, because of my health issues, most likely a death sentence.
I have the Lacrosse snake boots I got from Academy. Not sure what model but they are the higher by 1-2 inches from the standard. They are my everyday wear when hunting and when I go into terrain where I sink deep enough to be worried that a snake might reach above it then that's the time I wear the turtle skin hip high gaiters. Seen enough in the emergency room to earn my respect.
I know for a fact that a big timber rattler can bite thru a leather boot. I saw it happen this spring I never did think they could penetrate a leather boot but I was wrong.

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Thank you, sir , for your service.

I wish u many more years of rambling and hunting!