Snow Birds


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Mr. Holt, saturday afternoon I saw the Slate colored Junco's feeding under my bird feeder off White Path Rd . in Ellijay and the next morn we had 1/4" to 1/2" of snow on the ground. Aren't these what you call Snow Birds? I haven't seen them before this. ::huh:
Redbone: I had the same experience on Saturday. I had not seen a Junco all winter, until this past Saturday PM.

I intended to post the sighting on the Campfire and failed to do so.

I have far more confidence in Snowbirds ability to predict snow than I do the Weather Bug.

My Dad pointed out to me as a child that the appearance of snowbirds is certain to mean that snow was certain and soon. I have observed this relationship all of my life.
I had some feeding in my feeder Saturday and Sunday...but no snow :( , but it shore was cold enough for snow! Oh how I love the pureness of freshly fallen snow!


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Beginnersluck and coondawg, ya'll ain't holding your mouth right cause if you had Snowbirds , ya'll were susposed to have SNOW! :bounce: :bounce:


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Lthomas said:
Hmmmm. Snow birds. Well it was 70 outside yesterday afternoon. We had about 8 of those little winged fellows playing around in the honey suckle veins on the fence row around our feeder. Hmmm. Did not see any sign of snow.
Oh wait we dont get snow in Florida :crazy:
Yeah, but y'all get alot of snowbirds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!