Snow camo for Turkey Season?????????

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I picked up my brother at his house yesterday, and we drive out to the turkey hunting spot for some scouting, and a last minute check of how his shotgun is patterning. My season starts Wednesday the 18th of April.

As a novelty, he's trying out a different gun this season. Years ago, he picked up and old goose gun at at yard sale for 50$ from an old lady. Said it was her late husbands gun. It's a bolt action with a 3 shell clip, and a fixed full choke. It was rusted pretty well on every blued piece of metal, and dinged up as much as I'd ever seen on the stock and forearm. So, last winter I gave it a Camo paint job, and a new purpose.

After picking up some hard to find 2 3/4" turkey loads at Cabelas, We shot it at 20, 30 and 35 yards. Shot amazingly well, with those #6's hitting the mark.

There was still snow in the wooded areas, and some green starting to pop, were ever the sun could reach. Only 10 days to go til the opener, and still some chance of snow before then.

I think we will start the hunt sitting along a corn stubble field. The melting snow just revealed the last remaining spoils from last falls corn harvest. We set out two cameras, and set up a little blind in the corner of the field were the turkey(and deer) roam each year.

We'll only have a handful of days to fill our two tags, but great to be thinking of hunting again after a long winter up here.


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Good luck to you and your brother. I actually have a brother that lives in De Pere.
Thanks, getting fired up for turkey season now! 8 days to go.

We drive by De Pere all the time on the way to the North Woods hideaway. Does he know he's living by some Awsome Walleye fishing in the Fox River?
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Could be a very interesting hunt this Wednesday and Thursday. They're getting 5-8" of snow and ice today, 3-5" tomorrow, and flurries Monday. Highs in the 30's Tuesday and Wednesday.

I should have some cool snow pictures on the trail cameras,(if the lens isn't covered by snow). I just may need to use the snow camo??? It will get packed in the gear today.:banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

I'm going to try and video the hunt too.
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I'll be mid state, south of Grouse country. However I will be heading North in a week or so, Love hearing the Grouse drum in Spring.
Grouse drumming

Please let me know what you hear up north?

If I had the time I would love to make the trip up there to hear it for myself!
Long trip from South Georgia!
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Will do. Maybe I'll try and video the drumming. I hear them right behind my trailer.

They are getting hammered with snow tonight and tomorrow, 20" total, on top of the 6 inches that was already on the ground. facepalm:facepalm:
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Great pictures. They had 8-10" of snow yesterday, and 3-5" forecast for Wed hunt. I hope to have good pictures and video of a snowy hunt. I'll be hunting solo Wed and Thur, my brother will join the hunt Sat and Sun.