Snyper Trail Cameras

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Anyone here have any experience with Snyper Trail Cameras?


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I'm running 2 of the Commander cell cams. I got them about month and half ago, so far so good. Very easy setup, easy navigation within the camera. Lots of options as far as picture goes - 5, 8 or 12 megapixel; as well as selections like longer night range or less blur at night, etc. Like I said, I'm pleased with them so far.


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Thanks. I'm looking at the red blob non-cellar camera. It's listed at only $69 on Snyper's site.
Got 3 of their IR cameras. IR flash is very bright so I put some electrical tape over half of the sensors which helped a good bit.

1 of 3 will not keep the time or date no matter what I do..

Aside from that, they're extremely adjustable setting wise and competitively priced.

Also* They have a plastic film over the camera sensor, be sure to remove it or else you won't get any pictures.