So, you wanna be a turkey hunter...

very whitey and good advice .....My advice is get out and scout , weather it's public land or private ......find as many gobblers as you can , so if you screw up on one or another hunter is there first , you have another place to go ,also get out and knock on doors obtain written premission to hunt .....good luck to all this spring Ron
Great read! I have been a self taught turkey hunter myself. My dad and granddad never turkey hunted. They hunted everthing from deer, dove, quail, rabbit, and pigs, but not turkey. I decided to start turkey hunting back in 2001. I started out with a slate, and glass call from walmart, but found out they sounded like crap to my ears. I went to the Turkeyarama that Feb and picked up two custome pot calls, and a box call. After practicing every day at work between jobs I decided to give it a try. Opening day gave me my first taste of a tom answering me with that chilling thunder. I got lucky that next Wednesday after setting up on a WMA field that morning with out hearing and seeing anything I decided to give it up for the day about 12pm. On my way back to the truck I rounded the bend in the field only to walk up on a tom struting. I eased my way up in the woods and closed the distance before belly crawling another 25yrds to close in to about 50yrds. I yelped 3 times and droped the hammer when he stuck his head up. Hey I had done it. Well my second bird came opening weekend of the 2002 season. Since then I have scored a BIG FAT "0". I have had a few come in to seeing distace, and have had some jakes come with in shooting distance that I have let pass. Its been a long 10yrs since I have seen feathers fly and it has been very humbling for me. I do learn every time I go, but sometimes I wonder if I should just toss in the towel. I usually hunt during the week and work the weekends during turkey season so I will have the WMA, or our hunting lease to my self. I try making a day of it hunting from sun up to sun down. The last 3 years I have tried the shut up and wait game after a short tree yelp or two just to let them know I there, but nothing! All though it has really worked on me this year, and I keep telling my self to just give up, but I keep going just 1 more time. I will say turkey hunting has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I have disowned my wife and kids for the last 5 yrs during the spring just to come home empty handed. My wife keeps telling me hang it there it will happen one day. Maybe in another 10 yrs or so. :huh:
Man, this was all some good reading! Is a trophy how big the rack is, or what you go through to get it? I think we all know the answer to that question. Anyone who calls in and nails a turkey is a true hunter!

Maybe some day I will be graced as such. :)


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I just read this thread again and Ryan did a great job starting it! My experience is very similar (learned mostly by trial and error) except not (nearly) as much public land hunting.

3 years ago I finally got permission to hunt some excellent turkey hunting land, which of course made a huge (positive) difference. Then I moved to SC and got into a good hunting club. My number of kills have gone from 2 to 3 to 9, the prior 3 years were 1 - 0 - 0. So, good private land is key to me but I will hunt public land when needed i.e. quota hunts in Florida. So, talk turkey whenever you can with folks and you will eventually land on some good places to hunt as well. Not to mention this is great place for advice and knowledge...etc.

BTW, this is a good follow on thread:


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Fantastic and motivating thread. I'm in the process of getting my hunting license for the first time and have never hunted anything. I was originally set on hunting deer later this year, but have been hearing the distant call of turkeys in my sleep recently. I don't know if I'll get the chance to do it this year. I've waited too long to start scouting and I don't want to interfere with any hunters by knocking around the woods trying to learn during the middle of the season. I do plan on getting a WMA stamp when I get my hunting license and renew my fishing license, which will come up for renewal soon, so while I'm fishing WMAs this summer, I'll do some scouting for turkey and deer while I'm there, or vice versa.
Hey guys. I'm new to turkey hunting and looking for some friendly advice. I went scouting this past weekend, and I found a bird on the roost. I found him by accident and actually sat down to listen a little too close to the tree where he was roosting. Luckily, I don't believe I spooked him or he knew Ie was there. Anyway, here's my question, how much does a Turkey follow the same routine each morning? He flew down from the roost in the opposite direction of where I was sitting. He sporadically gobbled after he hit the ground. After getting to the ground, he headed towards a dirt road and crossed the road. About 15 minutes after he had flown down and cross the road, a friend of mine spotted him going back into the woods with about 8 hens. I guess my main question is how likely is it that he will follow that same path/routine each day? Or will he come down from the roost and just go in a random direction? I know I probably could have answered this myself if I had scouted more than one day, but time did not permit. Also, any advice on how to get him away from all of those hens? Thanks for any help/ advice.

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Thanks for the post! I went Turkey hunting for the first time this past week! I went in western Tennessee, beautiful place that I have seen several Turkeys on. I wish I had read this post first because I went to Bass pro shops and bought 3 decoys (hen and jake), I bought a box call and a Primos owl call. I practiced and watched videos for months leading up to this past weekend. Well I went early Tuesday morning and setup. To make a long story short I didn't kill or see anything. But I did get 2-3 or "shock gobbles"! That was enough for me. Ill be going back next month and after reading this post much more encouraged. Thanks again
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thanks for this Barrow! I'm taking a newbie in the morning and I sent him this link!
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