So, you wanna be a turkey hunter...

I live in SC, and don't visit this board often. This thread should be required reading for new hunters and experienced hunters alike. I have always enjoyed seeking advice from those more experienced than I, and have found them to be very willing to help in all circumstances.

You boys be safe out there. Coming home to your family is the #1 goal
Lots of good info in this post. Im by far an expert but over the past 20 yrs Ive killed several...I believe it took me 3 seasons to get my first bird, 2 days later second bird, the next week number 3. Sticking with it and learning from my many mistakes has paid off. I cant use a mouth call well but become fairly good with a box call. Last kill I had a push/pull mounted on my barrel with a sting to trigger guard and it did the trick.

Best of luck to all....the time is near