Solunar Times & Rhythm Charts for Hunting/Fishing

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Here's a repeat of a post I made last year. With archery season starting this weekend, I thought a few of you might be able to use it.


Here are a couple of Solunar Time Charts/Tables I've found handy over the years. The Rick Taylor's Prime Times tables are available in both a wall calendar or small pocket sized book containing the times similar to the web link. I've bought the combo pack before and read his book on it.... so now, the web site link gives me all the info I need to use it. The times are based on a sun-moon relationship table to geographic location for various times of the day/night. They seem to work quite well for fishing, but as you know, even if the deer are feeding/moving during the peak periods, you have to be located in the SAME AREA they are moving in if you are to take advantage of it. Look at some of the different "examples" to understand how the times are based on sun/moon relationships.

Rick Taylor's Prime Times: (updated 1st of each month)

The following charts are "rhythm based", but easier to follow since they show the "start" of a major/minor period, when it peaks, and then it's decline. Since they cover a 5-6 day period in one page, it allows you to plan your hunting/fishing schedule better. The moon's current phase is shown to the right of the chart.
I just went to huntstats and huntfish. Man those are simple enough. I like em'. In fact I may print off those monthly calandars