Some of my best.

Great looking points Turkey H90!!!
The center point looks like a Kirk Corner Notch to me. 6-7K old
Looks like I see a nice Pinetree 7-8K old top right.
Bottom left quartz Hardaway is real nice 8-9K old.
Really like the crescent in top right of the first pic 2nd post. The napped chert piece center, 2nd down is definitely an artifact, not sure of the use.
As for the not seeing much except a possible artifact in the one with the dimple.
Some really nice stuff! Very nice Bolens in that first pic, along with the Hardaway. Pointpuller done said most of what I was going to, except that center one has more of a Bolen than Kirk look to me, but it could be either one. As he said, that crescent is interesting. Knapped crescents are sometimes found in caches of Clovis-era Paleo artifacts. It could also be a early-stage preform.

As for the bottom pic, from the top, my guesses are:

Mid-Archaic chipped axe.
rock. rock.
broken preform. nutting stone. rock, or possibly a broken pecked and ground tool.
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Thanks for the info y'all. Pictures don't do justice to some of them. I realize that some of these could be rocks BUT their proximity to some of the best sites I've ever found led me to pic them up. The diamond shaped grinder is well worn on both sides and came from a spot in the middle of about 12 quartz points found in Hancock county. So did the large rock with all the lines on it. The top " rock" came out of a high bluff on the flint where literally hundreds of points or artifacts have been found.
Awesome collection you have there. I don't know the names, but after a flint napping class, I can truely appretiate the work and the finds. Nice !


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Very nice. The center point in that first pic looks like a first or second stage Bolen to me. And a nice one.
Really nice... Sure wish I was knowledgeable about artifacts like others on here..