Something eat my turkeys

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So I need some help figuring out what got my two turkey hens. They're full grown. It happened two days ago between 8 pm and 11 am the next morning. They were both nesting in a hedge row about 15 feet apart. There are no bodies that I can find. Just feathers and one heart. One nest had its eggs eaten. The other nest's eggs were intact. I also found a pile of feather about 75 yards from the first kill site. There is an old donkey and horse in the barnyard along with 15 chickens in their coop and 4 other turkeys also in their coop.

I really don't think its a yote. I'm leaning towards a fox cause of the eggs being eaten, but not sure. About a year ago I had a coon eat a duck's head and neck but left the body (that one got himself caught the next time) so I don't think its a coon.

Anyway, what do y'all think is the culprit by the pictures?



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Could have been any number of predators that killed them, but that egg looks like a crow got a hold to it.


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Not sure a fox could kill a turkey hen. My chickens look big in a fox mouth. I think it would take a bobcat or coyote s. Maybe a pair of them or more.
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I covered the ground between the first and second kill site. There is not a single feather or drag mark; or track for that matter.