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I hadn't planned on adding anything new this year. But I saw a call that really got my attention, an Age trumpet by Anthony Ellis. And as hard as I tried to forget about it I kept finding myself going back and looking at it. My only concern was that I don't collect calls. So even as much as I liked the looks of this call I new if it didn't make the grade in the sound department I'd wind up passing it along to someone else. It arrived today and put my concerns to rest, it's a hunter! I think it will compliment my Mark Sharpe wingbone "skeeter" nicely. It needed a name so I came up with Greengo. I suspect Skeeter and Greengo will be a busy duo this year. Thanks Anthony!



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appropriate name....lanyard?


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That ought to help you put the “deep six” on some gobblers!:biggrin2:
Congrats on a fine trumpet from a super dude. Anthony's calls are killer and field proven and competition proven. I have compared his calls to some of the masters and they run as good if not better.
If it sounds as good as it looks, you are in business! Good luck this spring.