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We are starting to take new members for 2018/19 season. We hunt in the following counties on harvested row crop fields Taylor, Sumter, Webster, Marion, Terrell, Randolph & Stewart. The annual membership is $200 and $25.00 for each shoot you attend. We had 19 hunts last year. If you have any questions call Ray 706 587-0481.
For those interested in the South Georgia Dove Club - here are the benefits and rules as of 6/28/2018 (fee's and rules subject to change):

Documented safety and membership benefits:

Thanks for your interest in the South Georgia Dove Club. We are group of hunters with a common interest, the pursuit of the blazingly fast dove. We enjoy the friendship in the field and bringing the kids with us to start their lifelong passion for the outdoors.

As a group we try to shoot every weekend that the season is open. Weather and birds permitting, that means both Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Time and schedules permitting, we have even been known to go out in the middle of the week.

Meeting times and meeting locations are available Fridays by calling - 706-321-5562

Benefits of Membership:
Cost $200 annual fee
Includes the cost of opening day shoot ($150 value)
All Shoots have a $25 per shoot per gun fee, including opening day
Members get the first round draws on the field for spots, driver’s license in a hat, one per group

Benefits of Non-members:
No annual fee
$150 per gun opening day
Shoots after opening day are only $50 per shoot per gun
Non-members get the second round draws on the field for spots, driver’s license in a hat, one per group

Safety rules for the club. If you or your party do not abide by them you will be asked to leave the field and could forfeit access to additional shoots:
  • 1. Ensure all guns are unloaded before leaving home or the field.
  • 2. All autoloaders should be carried with the chamber open when outside of your shooting station.
  • 3. Uncased double guns should always be broken when walking, or anytime when you are not in shooting position.
  • 4. Remember, you are a guest on a farm that is someone’s livelihood, respect the property and equipment around you.
  • 5. No drinking while shooting
  • 6. Please pick up all of your shotgun hulls when you are done for the day.
  • 7. Always use ear and eye protection and shoulder protection if needed.
  • 8. What is the most important safety rule of all? Do not shoot low birds! There is never any excuse for taking a low-angle shot. Shooting low birds at angles less than 45 degrees puts other hunters that have accidentally wandered out of position, and farm animals at unnecessary risk. Make sure that there is sky visible below your barrels before you pull the trigger.


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No one can control the weather or number of birds but Ray has had this club for several years and does his best to insure everyone has a fair shake at shooting doves and a safe hunt.