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What's the low down around the south. Hearing birds in wayne,glynn,brantley,camden,and charlton.. Some strutting and strut marks on the dirt roads but haven't seen any breeding yet.(but im sure its starting) seen two fights in cow pastures this week. Tried to video tape it with my phone but was to far. Both where in Nassau county in fla.
What are y'all hearing/seeing so far???
Haven't been out yet (knee Injury) but I'm gonna take a ride up in the truck on Saturday morning to SE Brantley Co. on the lease. They should be hammering off the roost but I think we need just a touch more daylight hours before it makes the hormones in the hens get going and it turns on the breeding. We should be in good shape by the 24th.
Heard many birds gobble around late January before I left for college. all my buddies said they still hearing birds gobble.
Birds been gobbleing since deer season in Lanier.
Was supposed to get out this saturday but headed to the 500 instead. Are they hammerin in SE Brantley yet?

Checked my camera this week had around 300 pictures, but no strutting, although this doesn't mean they weren't gobbling i still figured I would get some pictures of strutting. Earlier in deer season had a bunch of pictures of strutting. Going to listen in the morning though.


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Dad and a few others saw em struttin' and hear some gobblin' during late deer season in Wayne, Co. Let's hope they will be fired up on the 26th.
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Had two gobblers fly down in front of me Sun mornin. I was near there rosst but they didn't gobble. I heard wing beats and ran and found a pine tree. They light down on the road 20 yards and both gobbled.bout knocked my hat off. Then they went off on there merry way and I had to go clean my britches...
Anyone go out this morning? It rained pretty good all night then got windy so I stayed at the house. Supposed to be chilly and windy all week with temps returning to the mid to upper 70's by thursday. I'm gonna go give a listen in S.E. Brantley County this coming Saturday morning. I saw quite a few 2 year olds on the lease this fall during bow season so I hope they are still there.


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I was in tattnall county this morning. I heard one bird gobble one time. I heard 3 or 4 birds there a few weeks ago, but nothing last weekend. The day I heard nothing I saw 12 hens, 9 jakes, and 2 long beards. Im not hooting or calling, im just listening as I slip around shooting hogs.